Did you just buy a boat or want too but feel uncomfortable with your skills.  We can help in a calm safe environment.  Captain Brian has over twenty years instructing everyone from Girl Scouts to firefighters.  For five years he was the lead instructor for the marine rescue division in the local fire department.  He has experience operating stern drives, outboards, single and dual prop boats as well as sailboats from 8’ up to a 63’ gaff rigged schooner.  

Optimally instruction would take place on your vessel, with the instruction specifically tailored to your unique situation.  Captain Brian would first assess your vessel for safety gear and seaworthiness. Then he would work to focus on your specific needs, if during the course he was to find other areas for improvement he would offer further instruction to be arranged at a later date. 


Instruction offered 

Safe boat handling



Couples boat handling


Trip planning


     Lessons will generally be in two hour blocks with most of the time focused on hands on skills that are broken down to simple steps that build upon one another.