About Us

Captain Brian


Brian has an eclectic mix of hobbies such as metal working, glass bead making, archery, backpacking, camping, cider making, and of course boating. He started boating in his dads 16' runabout fishing out of Port Orchard. He caught the sailing bug 20 years ago with a friend on her little wooden sailboat a 1947 Blanchard Sr. Knockabout. Soon after he found himself on a six day trip sailing from Whidbey Is. to the San Francisco Bay. He is happy boating on anything from a kayak to an aircraft carrier, although he can hardly wait to turn the motor off and set sail. Brian currently holds a USCG 50 Ton Masters with sailing and towing endorsements. He also works as an EMT and has 18 years experience with marine rescue on various boats in the fire department.


  • USCG 50 Ton Masters with sailing and towing endorsements
  • EMT



Willow has had lots of experience with boating starting at a young age. She has had many trips into the Canadian Gulf islands and to the San Juan's. She has sailed a Newport 30' numerous times and also a Fiberform 22' motor boat. She got her Washington State Boaters Education Card at age 12 and plans on getting her USCG 50 ton Masters. Willow has many hobbies including anything with art, hiking, volleyball, choir, and listening to music.  



Raven started boating at a very young age and has had various 3 week trips in to the San Jauns and Canadian Gulf Islands aboard the families' Newport 30' sailboat. At 12 years old she got her Washington State Boaters Education Card. When not boating she is found playing volleyball, a bass clarinet, throwing javelin, or writing poetry.